Chain and Sprocket Set

The drive chain is one of the most important motorcycle parts, since it is the common force treatment between motor and rear wheel. With this powel the motorcycle is the last to move. Under regular care and maintenance create drive chains under impressive loads of up to 30,000 km.

There are many factors that prevent wear advance the drive chain. Since your own driving style environmental and weather influences the readiness for care and maintenance and the interested party chain set . Are clear devices search to or a changed driving style it is worth checking the drive chain.

Is the chain tensioner already at the end of its setting the rights or the sprocket of the drive chain at the rearmost point of the pinion around and what as half a chain tooth & ouml;it belongs to ( in about 3mm ), there is already a wear in front. The drive chain must be. Basically will not become individual components, but always drive chain, sprocket and sprocket together.

The inventions of our manufacturers of motorcycle chains can be found under Kettenherstellerempfehlung.