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Aluminium Rear Sprocket

Aluminum is strong, lightweight, robust, flexible, versatile, impermeable, an excellent electrical conductor, non-magnetic, non-combustible, a naturally occurring element and infinitely recyclable. Aluminum has a virtually unlimited potential with these properties and can be used in a variety of ways. The tensile strength of pure aluminum is limited. But when you combine it with other elements it becomes very strong. With cold rolling, the strength of an aluminum alloy almost doubles. Some alloys become stronger and harder by heat treatments and increase the tensile strength significantly. Aluminum as a raw material occurs in the earth's crust and can be recycled quickly and inexpensively, without sacrificing quality and performance. Thus, the sustainability of aluminum is very high. Its strength but at the same time lightness, the robustness despite high flexibility make aluminum indispensable in our everyday life in our mobility aircraft - car - motorbike. The use of aluminum in the secondary drive as a sprocket is thus the preferred solution, if you want to take advantage of the many benefits of aluminum. We offer quality aluminum sprockets for almost all motorcycles. Shapely, CNC machined, optimally relieved, durable like steel. Anodized special colors available on request. All chain pitches with extensive translation options. Paired with hardened steel engine sprockets and D.I.D and RK super light-weight tracks, there are unimaginable combination possibilities, in addition to the standard chain kits.

Rear Sprocket Alu 420

Rear Sprocket Alu 428

Rear Sprocket Alu 520

Rear Sprocket Alu 525

Rear Sprocket Alu 530

Rear Sprocket Alu 532

Rear Sprocket Alu 630

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