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DID X Ring Chain 520ZVM-X with 110 Links open with Rivet Connecting Link
DID 520ZVM-X open X Ring Chain with Rivet Connecting Link and 110 Links, good for Street Motorcycles up to 1200cc, tensile strength 3967 kg.

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Category: DID Chain 520 ZVM-X

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DID X Ring Chain 520ZVM-X open with 110 Links and Rivet Connecting-Link

  • 520 = 5/8 X 1/4
  • good for Street Motorcycles up to 1200cc
  • tensile strength 3967kg
  • Internal plate thickness 2,2 mm and external plate thickness 2,2 mm
  • Bolt length 21,10 mm
  • Rollers Diameter 10,22 mm
  • Weight per roll 16,30 g
  • Weight of the Chain 1.793 g
  • additional rivet connecting-link under following article no .: 18204-0002
What makes an D.I.D chain so special? It is the tradition, the know-how and the experience.
For over 50 years, DID DAIDO KOGYO CO. LTD manufactures chains for motorcycles.
This is why manufacturers such as HONDA, SUZUKI, YAMAHA, KAWASAKI, KTM, DUCATI, TRIUMPH and MV AGUSTA rely in their original equipment on chains from D.I.D .
The individual service and maintenance is essential for the life of the chain.
For details on the chain tension please refer to your driver's manual.
Chain lubrication should be applied to all 500 - 2.500 kilometers, which is ultimately pending
from the chain spray and the weather condition.
We recommend Chain Spray from PDL / Profi Dry Lube or the S100 products from Dr. Wack.

Never replace a component from the chain set (chain, front sprocket and rear sprocket),
if the wear has already been started. The involuntary chain elongation and the sprocket wear usually run parallel with identical qualities. The sprocket valleys
are broadened wider, the teeth become more pointed with increasing duration of use.
We recommend sprockets among others of JT-Jomthai, Maxum-Tech and Supersprox.

vehicle identification number: 000001-000001-003000000001-005000000001-006000000001-009000000001-010000000001-03000000001-01602000101-000101-004883000151-009511000166-003325000166-007507000189-007464001101-003001-010000003348-005784005001-007000005001-012000005021-008731005221-005809006001-021000007001-007086-007405-009001-002000009001-020000009701-014118009730-015737010001-016000010101-010286-011402-012001-014101-014300014113-016049015350-020064016001-02200001603-020001-020001-030000020001-040000021692-041560022001-025151-028982027508-030001-032101-036171040001-045000040101-041060045001-050000045001-052000050001-055000050101-074999052001-055000055001-060000059101-059500060001-060001-066000062101-062200064101-065280066001-071000071001-076000076001-079000079001-085000088101-090890096101-098101-100001-100001-100155100001-100720100001-101302100001-101561100001-101651100001-101858100001-102075100001-102736100001-103148100001-107537100001-107743100001-107930100001-108730100001-110047100156-100513100514-100792100721-101080100793-101298101081-101440101189-102834101299-101732101303-101441-101562-102101101652-101733-101859-102076-105600102102-102761102737-104625102762-102835-105153103149-106275104626-105887105154-107794105265-109705105596-105601-110302105888-106276-110837106340-106347-134996107538-107744-107795-107931-108731-109706-110048-110303-117230110838-112761-114070-117231-124309118390-119221-124310-131391131392-136196134997-136197-139345136197-139795139346-142370139796-142295142296-145392142371-145202145203-145393-156001-164000164001-168000168001-173000173001-180000180001-500001-513253501303-504497-512254-700104-700597700657-701969
construction year: 1984201119951983198520121996200219862013199720031987201519982004198820141999200519892000200619902001200719911979200819921980200919931981201019941982
Manufacturer: BetaHusqvarnaBMWApriliaSuzukiKymcoHondaKawasakiYamahaMZ/MuZCagiva
kind of product: Chain
cubic capacity: 650 cc230 cc450 cc600 cc500 cc636 cc350 cc630 cc400 cc300 cc250 cc449 cc125 cc1000 cc660 cc
model: XTZ 660 H TenereDR 350 US-Import, Off-Road VersionKLX 300 R APegaso 650 ie GardaSM 630KLX 650 R AXT 660 X Super MotardSZR 660GS 500 EPegaso 650 ieSMR 450KLX 650 R DXT 660 R EnduroTT 600 SGSX 250 SpokewheelGS 500 EURS 125 Extrema/ReplicaRG 250 W GammaNX 650 II DominatorTT 600 EGSX 250 EKX 125 MGS 500ETX 125RG 250 FC GammaPegaso 650Skorpion 660 TourGSX-R 1000KX 125 KGS 500 UTuareg 125 RallyRG 250 C GammaPegaso 650 TrailKX 125 DKX 125 LGS 500 FURed Rose 125 CustomRS 250Pegaso 650 FactoryXJR 400TC 449XR 650 LGS 500 FClassic 125 80km/h VersionGZ 250 MarauderPegaso 650 StradaXJR 400 RF 650KLE 500 AXL 125 V VaraderoXJ 600 S DiversionM4 350 Super MotardFMX 650KLX 250 R DF 650 STGSX-R 600CRF 230 FXJ 600 NDR-Z 400 SMNX 650 DominatorTundra 650XR 650 REN 500 CXT 660 Z Tenere ABSXTZ 660 N TenereDR 350 S Kick-StarterXR 600 RTZR 250Pegaso 650 GardaVenox 250XT 660 Z TenereZX-6R CZX-6RR NinjaZXR 400 L
type: 4GVLX650ADM04GM51BB81112RD124BRLE500APYA004LWLX650DDADM02BK1111SK42BRD02RJ012, RJ014LE500AAAGAMUZ660GJ21ADM018RE01BK2111DK41APE04RJ011, RJ014BG1112, BG2112, BG3112GBMUZ660EGJ21BRD08BMXBK31114BR, 4LXBG1112, BG3112GG4HMLD000, LD002RD08AR20010BK4111GS25XRJ017, RJ018B21111, B22111, B23111FQLDA00VDBR20011BK4221GJ53BRJ016, RJ018B21111, B22111, B23111, B21114, B22114, B23114PHLX300AAAAR1211VDD00R20012BK2321E1694MDEN500CMF000LX300AADAAR1511VDE00H802DBBL1112, BL2112, BL3112E169S4MYEN500ACAJC32AKX125MMA2MAT20011VD0H812ABBL1112, BL3112ML3YFJC32KX125LLALX300AADT20021VDA202ABBZ1111RW4SUJC49RD06GM51AVDB00B61111, B62111SFG00ZD3T200ZX400LZX400LLAZX600NNAZX636CCA
Shipping weight: 2,48 Kg
Product weight: 2,30 Kg
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